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"The highest mountains are the abode of the lions;
In the deepest waters the dragons dwell."

Dear Friends,

We are writing this to you to ask for your help. This summer we were given a donation towards the purchase of a reliable Dodge Diesel 3/4 ton truck in excellent condition. The truck has already proven to be of great benefit, and it will continue to enable us to do a lot of work at the Priory and around the property, as well as give us more flexibility with our transportation needs.

Keeping our road clear of snow is one of the biggest challenges we face in the wintertime, and this is something we intend to use the truck for. A new snow plow, installed, taxes included, will cost about $9200. While this may sound expensive, I have done quite a bit of research, and taken advice from friends who have experience in snow removal in the valley. As one neighbour told me, “Buy a good one and it will last a lifetime.”

So, we are asking for your help. If you would like to contribute towards the purchase of a snowplow, we would be most grateful. Keeping our road clear will be of benefit to the residents of Lions Gate and to everyone visiting us during the winter months.

Donations can be made by cheque made out to Lions Gate Buddhist Priory or through PayPal (the PayPal button can be found at the bottom right of our homepage here: Donations from Canadians are eligible for a Federal tax receipt.

Any amount, large or small, is helpful and will be received with bows of gratitude.

In gassho,
Reverend Aurelian Giles, Treasurer
Lions Gate Buddhist Priory



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