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"The highest mountains are the abode of the lions;
In the deepest waters the dragons dwell."
Dec 2009 'Tis the season
Jan 2010 First Things
Feb 2010 The Most Important Ingredient
Mar 2010 The Most Important Ingredient Part 2
July 2010 The Gift of Catastrophic Change
Jan 2011 New Year Message
Mar 2011 Dear Friends
July 2011 A History of Healing in Lytton
Dec 2011 New Year Message 2012
Aug 2013 What do we mean by meditation
  Those who walk away
  Kwan Yin Festival Day
Dec 2013 Kwan Yin at Lytton
  Nigra sum et formosa
April 2014 Judgements
June 2014 Why Does Kwan Yin Hold Her Fingers Just So
July 2014 Three Queens in Mourning
  Limestone Brae
  Kuan-yin Article
Aug 2014 Kwan Yin Festival Video
Sept 2014 Rebirth
Oct 2014 Monk doing what needs to be done
Dec 2014 'Tis the Season
Jan 2015 Rest
  The Cats of Shasta Abbey
Feb 2015 Rengetsu
Mar 2015 "Black Rain" Dharma talk
  Sheep and Goats
  I'm declaring it to be spring!
  "Getting Back"
  San Bernardino Kwan Yin
  Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva
  The Cat Who Went To Heaven
  Trevor Fenwick at Cheng Hoon Teng
April 2015 Joss House Front
  Public talk by Rev. Koten
  Invocation of Achalanatha
  September 1939
  Shurangama Mantra
  Meditation without sitting down
  New Hotei!
May 2015 Bodhisattva Dog
  A Woman's Koan
June 2015 Kwan Yin Festival 2015
July 2015 Monks and Tigers
  Lytton Joss House Plans
  Challenging Karma
Aug 2015 Kanzeon Scripture
  Lytton Joss House Museum
  Lytton Kwan Yin statue
  Sitting Bench
Sept 2015 Our road!
Oct 2015 Kshitigarbha Bodhisattva
  Segaki Festival
  Stove photo
Nov 2015 The Rain Ascends
  Remembrance Day
Jan 2016 Lytton Kwan Yin statue
  World Religion Day Article Lytton BC 2016
  Photos of World Religion Day in Lytton BC 2013
  Lytton joss house site
  The Light of Asia
  Lytton Faith Walk
Mar 2016 Shen Nung
  RM Koten Dharma Talks at Shasta Abbey
  Good People
April 2016 Compassionate Activity
  Zhu Rong
May 2016 Zhu Rong statue
  Trauma and Karma
  Shen Nung statue arrived
  Lytton Chinese History Museum
  Joss house progress
June 2016 Impermanence
  Shen Nung and Zhu Rong
  Muhammad Ali Funeral
  New Friends
  The Burmese Harp
July 2016 Mariposa lily
  Lytton Museum Chinese collection
  Dharma Talk; Recommended Book
Aug 2016 Life of Dogen
  The Personality Myth
  Rocky Dog's Funeral
Sept 2016 Rainbow in Botanie
  Five Happy Buddhas
Oct 2016 Update Lytton Chinese temple
  Interfaith Forum
Nov 2016 Lytton Chinese museum update pictures
Dec 2016 Stillness in the middle
  Winter on the Mountain
  Lytton joss house reconstruction
  Buddhist Holiday present
  Photo of Botanie Mountain
Jan 2017 New Year 2017
  Kwan Yin in the snow
  Bodhisattva Vow
  "Show an affirming flame"
  "Show an affirming flame" 2
Feb 2017 "Show an affirming flame" 3
Mar 2017 News Mar25
April 2017 To Study the Self
  Keizan Festival April 16 2017
  Affirming Flame 4
  Meditation Rock
May 2017 Reaffirming Flame
  "Lytton Joss House" Museum
  Lion Dance - museum opening
  Kwan Yin in Lytton
  Kwan Yin Lytton
  Wesak Retreat
June 2017 Meditation
  Priory Main Altar
  Kshtigarbha Festival
  Reaffirming Flame 2
  Reaffirming Flame 3
July 2017 Reaffirming Flame 4
Aug 2017 Reaffirming Flame 5
Sept 2017 Prajnatara
  Kwan Yin arrives!
  Heart Rock
Oct 2017 Inspiring Flame 1
Nov 2017 Inspiring Flame 2
  Botanie Rock Nov 22
  Dharma Talk - Remembrance Day
  Inspiring Flame 3
Dec 2017 Snowplow Purchased
  Inspiring Flame 4
Jan 2018 Affirming Light for the New Year
  Photo Kwan Yin and prayer flags
  Affirming Light 2
  Photo: World Religion Day
Feb 2018 Photos of Kwan Yin Ceremony 1
  Kwan Yin Ceremony 2

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