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"The highest mountains are the abode of the lions;
In the deepest waters the dragons dwell."
Mar 2018 People Affirming Light
April 2018 People Affirming Light 2
  The Intercessor
May 2018 Faith and Courage
  Making Bread
  Happy Wesak
May 20 Larkspur and Tseweta
June 2018 Kwan Yin Ceremony photos
July 2018 Kshtigarbha statue in Clear Park
  Ten Ways to Show an Affirming Flame
Aug 2018  
Aug 2 Three Photos
  The happy gardener
Sept 2018 Leighton Budd
  Segaki on Dragon Flower Mountain
  Two photos of Leighton Budd's memorial
Oct 2018 Snow Photos
  Affirming Flame
  Where Hearts Combine
Nov 2018 Bells of Peace
Nov 20 Building Progress
Dec 2018 Merry Christmas Gift
Jan 2019 Affirming Flame
Feb 2019 Affirming Flame and Bringing Light
  Ten Ox Herding Pictures
June 2019 Affirming Flame and Light
July 2019 Kwan Yin platform photo
  Beautiful Kwan Yin, resting in natural great peace
Sept 2019 Light
Dec 2019 Abundant Light
  Greetings for the Coming Year
Feb 2020 Two Photos
  Luminous Peace
Mar 2020 Juniper grove & Mita cat
  Light of the Dharma
  Joy and Uplift
  Keeping Faith
  Healing Buddha
  Daily Practice
  A Bit of Light

Kwan Yin  This is a recording of Chinese female monks chanting the name of Kwan Yin - Avalokiteshvara. Na Mo Kwan Shih Yin Pu Sa - Homage to the Greatly Compassionate Bodhisattva.
We use this recording for the Kwan Yin Ceremony that we do at the Lytton Chinese History Museum (joss house) in Lytton B.C. Canada in Feb. June and Sept. of each year.

 April 2020 Homemade no-knead bread  We use this recipe here at the priory all the time with regular all - purpose flour and it works very, very well.
  Astrophysicist gets magnets stuck up nose while inventing coronavirus device
A means of checking false coronavirus news:
  Look up, and laugh, and lift
April 4 Morning snow
Female Jizo in the forest.  painted by RM Koten,  photographed by RM Aurelian
  From DFM files/IMG_5924.jpg
HM The Queen Address to the UK and the Commonwealth on the Covid19 Crisis:
  1- "Look up,
  Another time, another place
  The story that the land told me
  Lytton 2
  2- and laugh,
  This is a pdf of our daily Scripture booklet
April 25 Photos taken today by RM Aurelian of the newly completed Mandala Hall at Lions Gate Buddhist Priory
April 29 Photos from this evening
 May 2020 Manjusri on the beast
  3- and love,
  4- and lift."
 June 2020 Look up
  Botanie Valley wild roses  Photo by Aurelian
  Fresh bread and rose petal jam  Photo by Aurelian
  Serene Reflection
July 2020Affirming faith  
  RM Jiyu Ordination

Three Buddha Mothers in Mandala Hall  Photo by Aurelian

  Rodger Sparks
  Good Cheer
August 2020 Good news
  Mandala Hall
  Dragon in the sky over Botanie Mountain
  Chanting Dedication of Merit
  Chanting Dedication of Merit images
  Kwan Yin and clouds  on Fearlessness Peak. Photo taken Aug 30 by RM Aurelian
  Segaki Pictures
  Kwan Yin at night in Mandala Hall  after Vespers. Photo by RM Aurelian
  Every Day
  Reverend Valeria received her Permanent Resident Card!
  Big Tree falls
  New Canadian lay minister
October 2020 Buddhism
  Unusual lives
October 21 New heater in Mandala Hall
  A dignified gentleman whom we met on the road  Photo by Aurelian
November 2020 Morning gold
  Buddha in the snow
  Remembrance Day, November 2020
December 2020 Kwan yin morning
  Sleeping garden  Photo by RM Aurelian
  Fruit cake day
  Seasons Greetings
  Four Wisdoms
January 2021 Happy New Year!
  New Year's Ceremony Altar
  Light in the Darkness
January 10 Cougar claw
  Morning Kwan Yin
January 14 Photo: from the deck this evening
  Humanity 100 years ago
  Dedication of Merit words  and music
  Remembering  those who have lost their life to Coronavirus
January 30 Priory Bread
  Rev. Master Koten
  Four stages of the Mandala Hall 2018-2020
February 2021 Wonder
  Lions Gate Priory
  Kwan Yin smiling at -18 C
  Look up
  Bad day?

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