Reverend Master Koten Benson

Reverend Master Koten Benson, who has been the Prior and spiritual director since 1986, is a Dharma Heir of Reverend Master Jiyu Kennett (1924-1996), founder of the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives and first Abbess of Shasta Abbey in California. He was ordained by Rev. Master Jiyu in 1978, received Dharma Transmission from her in 1979, and was recognized as a Buddhist Master by her in 1983. After training at Shasta Abbey for many years, he relocated to Vancouver, BC, Canada in 1985 and established the Priory the following year. He has been teaching here ever since.




Reverend Master Aurelian Giles

Reverend Master Aurelian was ordained by Reverend Master Koten in 1999 at the Priory when it was still located in Vancouver. He did his novice training both at Shasta Abbey and at the Priory. He received Dharma Transmission in 2004 and was named a Master by Reverend Master Koten in 2010.






Reverend Valeria Allison

Reverend Valeria was ordained at Shasta Abbey in 2005, and trained there as a novice monk until 2010 when she moved to Canada. She received Dharma Transmission from Reverend Master Koten at the Priory in 2014, and he named her a Teacher of Buddhism in 2018.