It is not a good idea to rely on a map app because it won’t be accurate for our location and there is no cel phone coverage in our valley. Once you are in Lytton, take the turn-off onto Highway 12 heading toward Lillooet. This intersection is the first turn north of the post office. It is well marked with signs and is the only major intersection in the entire village. Drive across the bridge over the Thompson River. On your right you will see a gas station called Gwesep Gas. The turnoff to our road is the first one off to the right, just about 50 metres past the gas station. There should be a small sign that says Botanie Creek Road. Drive up the road for approximately 10 km. You might notice “Private Property” signs erected by Lytton First Nations. We have permission to use the road, and it is ok to proceed. You will pass a large rock on your right; this is called Botanie Rock (see photo). There is a short section of unpaved road near the beginning. The turnoff to our land is about 100 metres past the point where the asphalt pavement ends for the SECOND time. The turnoff is to the left. Look for a sign on the left-hand side that says Sointula Greens. It is a fairly large oval sign; however a couple of people have missed it. The driveway takes you right into our neighbour’s yard. You will come to a gate. After you drive through, please leave the gate how you find it, either closed or open, and don’t let the goats through. You might encounter two large white dogs in the yard. They may seem fierce but they will not harm human beings. Follow the driveway up exactly 1.5 km. (1 mile). It will take you right to our front door. There is no cel phone service in the valley.